We create relative and engaging content to tell your story.

The Founders


Michael Paul Tan
Creative Director


Michael brings with him over 20 years of experience, in brand, design, interiors, and concepts. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries, from health and wellness, cars to mobiles, beer to dairy and property developers to national franchise food brands.

For him, the challenge is not the category you compete in, it's the consumer you wish to engage with. With a keen interest on consumer trends, behaviours and market insights, he works from the ground up with you.


Kaine Harling
Director + Producer


Kaine has had a successful career spanning almost 25 years in the media industry as a cinematographer and cameraman working on many feature films

His passion and drive begins from understanding the purpose of his vision, bringing ideas to life in the most innovative and entertaining way. From captivating storytelling to bringing brands closer to their audiences with video content that is engaging, creative and of high production value, Kaine focuses on delivering results for our clients.



We are video content creators


Website / Social Media

Google loves video.
Page views are boosted by 48% when posts adopt video and content on Facebook grows engagement by 65%*. We deliver engaging videos that are optimised for social so you can achieve maximum exposure.
*hubspot survey

Product / Branding

Market more effectively with minimum effort.
Our approach looks beyond the product or service. It's about the experience, emotion and the bigger picture. Let's find a new angle to make you stand out from the crowd.




Go far and wide.
Launches, special occasions to keynote speakers, we help you share your event to a wider audience.



Create television commercials and advertorial slots to broadcast on free to air networks that give you the opportunity to comprehensively promote your product/brand whether its on TV, iPhone, Youtube or Instagram.



Training / Educational

Transform the way we learn.
Using instructional-based video has become a great way to enhance corporate training with consistency, along with cutting down the talk time.




Get a new point of view.
Drone photography is an economically to establish your location as well as presenting high production value to your message.